In Tu Me Manques, weeks after finding out about his son Gabriel’s
death by suicide, his father Jorge finds out about his secret life partner Sebastian. After a confrontational Skye chat, Jorge decides to travel from his conservative home country of Bolivia to New York City to try to find some answers. While Jorge struggles to accept the life of his son, Sebastian transforms his pain into a play, where he refuses to let the idea of his beloved die. Instead he gives him life on stage in an emotional performance that touches not only the lives of all the people involved in the production, but that of many more people.

Latino favorites Rossy de Palma and Dominc Colón star in Director Rodrigo Bellott’s Tu Me Manques, available on DVD and Digital, May 4, 2021 from Dark Star Pictures. Spanish with English Subtitles. Official Selection of Bolivia for the Oscars. 


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