No Tickets At The Door examines the importance of music communities in the modern age, and what is at stake if a city is no longer hospitable towards them.

One of the hardest hit industries by COVID-19, the live music scene has been delt a devastating blow, leaving our favourite concert venues—and the communities they serve—facing an existential reckoning. Will they be able to recover?

While there is struggle, there is also creative resilience. Right here in Toronto, meet the talented indie musicians, promoters and venues that are fighting to survive and persevere amid the ongoing lockdown and the overwhelming effects of gentrification.

Featuring renowned underground rockers like Sook-Yin Lee, Dan Burke, Luna Li, and Vypers, owners of historic venues like the Horseshoe Tavern, as well as local champions of the arts.

Streaming until July 6


D: Danny Alexander | 83 min | 2020 | Canada | RATING: PG


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