In UNDINE, Chrstian Petzold reworks the ancient myth of the mysterious water spirit in the modern world. Set in Berlin, UNDINE works as a historian lecturing on Berlin’s urban development. She knows all about the Humboldt Forum, and has a knack for dressing. She is nonchalantly beautiful, and the way she imparts her knowledge about the city that was built on a swamp is as professional as it is graceful. But Undine’s world collapses when the man she loves leaves her. Soon the ancient myth catches up with her and Undine has to kill the man who betrays her and return to the water. UNDINE is the story of a life-or-death love, splendidly and effortlessly told.

Petzold paints a heartfelt love story which blossoms through the pair’s radiant chemistry. In a fluid blend of fantasy and reality, we watch a creature of legend defy destiny and attempt to re-interpret the bounds of her mythos through a contemporary lens. 

UNDINE is available from IFC Films on Friday, June 4, 2021 on digital and VOD platforms. 

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