Alice (Emilie Piponnier) is the perfect wife and mother, living happily with her husband François and their son in an apartment in Paris. When her credit cards are declined one day while shopping, Alice discovers that François has been living a secret life, spending all of their money at a high-end escort service and leaving them completely bankrupt.

Even worse is that François has suddenly abandoned them, leaving Alice and their son to fend for themselves. When she learns that the bank will foreclose on their home in just a few weeks, she becomes desperate and visits the same escort service that François was addicted to in the hopes of finding a way to quickly make some cash and save the apartment.

At first reluctant in her new profession, Alice soon begins to thrive with the help of another escort who befriends her, giving Alice both financial independence and a sense of empowerment that she has never felt before. But when François shows up again at their doorstep, Alice is forced to reconcile between the life she had shared with him and the new one she has built for herself.


This movie often moves quickly with no real connection to time or place, which can be distracting for viewers. The overall story line is an interesting one, but the way it’s presented is lost in this weak production. While watching this, I found myself questioning the dialogue, direction, and overall plot. So much so, that I easily lost interest within the first 30 minutes. I did make it through until the end, which was also anti-climatic. While the film had an opportunity to provide a voice for the escort industry, it failed to do that properly either.

Available from Game Theory Films in Canada, July 20, 2021.

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