June is designated the official international Pride Month. but it’s also the month that so many queer music artists release music because naturally. It’s one of the few times per year that they may get major notice for their work. While mainstream artists flood the airwaves, LGBTQ music artists are often overlooked, ignored or relegated to the month of June. So of course while the world is watching this month it’s important to shine an even brighter light on the artists of our community throughout the year.

For the third and final part of our Pride 2021 Music Spotlight we’re continuing the musical Pride celebration and looking at some artists who are attacking music with new energy, direction and excitement. We continue to shine the spotlight on some of the incredible independent artists making game changing music within the international queer music community. We encourage you to become fans and show the world we are here to support our community.


Peter Jessy
Canadian artist Peter Jessy doesn’t flood his world with music for the sake of releasing music. He takes his time to craft what he wants to say and how he wants to say it. He takes breaks between releases and then comes back stronger than before. All the while giving us incredible music filled with melody and emotion and that amazing Peter Jessy voice. He’s one of Canada’s burgeoning stars to keep your eye and ears on!


If you ever had a worry about the state and future of music, fear no more, SuperKnova is here. SuperKnova is the musical project of artist Ellie Kim and SuperKnova is here to save us all. Clever melodies meet lyrical substance and are delivered via confidence and steel to give us new sounds that we are immediately seduced by. SuperKnova is the future wave we all need to be catching.


J GRGRY has been through the music industry wringer and back. Understanding the complexities, pitfalls, hurdles and challenges is second nature to the artists. But it’s in the ability to rise above, continue creating, and taking control of the narrative for forge a new path in music is where J GRGRY excels. Well, there and in creating some of the most incredible music being released today. There’s an authentic honesty and humble beauty in the music J GRGRY creates. A strength that isn’t forced but is subtly delivered, welcoming all into his creative world. That welcoming environment can be seen in full as he regularly presents live performances, conversations, practices and more on his Twitch channel, a space J GRGRY has created to challenge and elevate the concepts of how we receive and engage with music.


Amai Kuda et Les Bois
Take the respect of and passion for the intersection of culture and music and mix it with the emotional resonance music evokes and then layer it with spiritual beat and presence and you’ll start to get a sense of the world of Amai Kuda et Les Bois. Oftentimes dancing between musical eras and themes but always with intention, Amai Kuda et Les Bois takes you on journeys through nature and nurture, light and shade, always challenging and questioning but never disregarding. Whether examining societal lacking or natures beauty, Amai Kuda et Les Bois is filling the soul with knowledge that is both experiential and reflective.


Gregory Dillon
Gregory Dillon creates the music we all feel as young queer kids. The crushes we want to experience, the butterflies we want to feel, and the love sickness we want to hate but totally makes us feel alive. It’s our inner most thoughts come to life in music all attached to a voice that is hypnotic and melodies that carry us away. He’s the creator of musical daydreams and adventures, where everything we yearn for is possible and happy endings are the best kind of dramatic. If a John Hughes films came to life in today’s queer boy experience, Gregory Dillon would be their soundtrack. Unforgettable and timeless.


Bold. Beautiful. Powerhouse. Just three of the many words that can be used to describe the absolutely incredible talent of Tika. While also an accomplished DJ, creator, activist and advocate, Tika finding her voice within has been a gift to all of us. And that voice is an emotional wave of velvet wrapped in emotion and warmth. Deftly handling classics like Prince’s iconic ‘I Would Die 4 U’ as well as delivering original tracks like the passionate and embracing ‘Soothing Love’ from her 2021 album “Anywhere But Here”, Tika is a voice and presence in music that can not be denied.


No one embodies genuine compassion quite like PRIMME. He is charm, charisma, cheekiness and joyful life channeled into music. You instantly feel his music. It could be the electric beat of excitement, the magnetic power of friendship or the palpable sadness of nostalgia. Whatever he’s giving, you will feel and it’s always true, always real, never sensationalized and never disingenuous. His music is 100% PRIMME. It will make you smile, and think, and feel at home. And it’s a good place to be.


Siena Liggins
The voice is recognizable. The sound is on point. The energy is contagious. There are a thousand reasons to love Siena Liggins and all those reasons are audibly and visibly present in every corner of every release. RnB, Pop, Hip Hop, they are all subjects Siena is holding master classes on in her music. Even when switching up things on the classic remake ‘My Girl’, Siena Liggins infuses authenticity and freshness in every groove of her recordings. Unique and impressive, Siena Liggins is the voice of a new queer generation.


Chris Housman
His online wit is only outmatched by his ability to channel genuine realness in his music. A talent that can convert even the most disinterested ear into a country music fan. That talent is firmly rooted in the kindness and sincerity that courses through his music and is exemplified in his personality. Chris Housman is someone you want to know and can’t help but like. He champions the good in life and the world around him in a humble and unassuming manner and delivers it within the catchy and engaging music he’s quickly becoming known for.


Lyncs is the remedy to the drought of queer representation in mainstream radio. Her brand of bedroom pop fits perfectly among the current wave of pop music artistry bursting out on the airwaves and like so many others, she needs to be among that music. It’s time for young girls who are finding their way through and discovering their sexuality to have a queer pop hero that they can hear themselves in. Lyncs is that artist. The lyrical content is relateable. The music is top tier. Lyncs is a down to earth artist that is accessible. And as a pop music creator, she is at the top of her game with so much more to offer and a building catalog of songs to discover. Dive on in!



Week Ending July 25, 2021

1. Kele Fleming – Vanishing of Bees
2. Billy Mick – Levelling Up
3. Juno X – In Time
4. Travie Austin, TeawhYB, Jxckson – Cut Me A Check
5. Composit – Make It Right
6. Cory Stewart w/ Slowdance
7. Kat and the Hurricane – Resonate
8. Blake Rave – Quarantine with Me
9. Katie Tich – Waste My Time
10. Lucy & La Mer – Ooh La La

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