Welcome to August! How can we possibly be headed towards the end of summer already when it feels like it hasn’t even started?? Cruel! But at least we have great music releases to keep us motivated and fill us with joy. And this week we have some incredible releases to run down. So strap in and get ready to hit play, and repeat that motion multiple times.


CATBEAR / Only Desire
CATBEAR is the UK’s answer to our need for electro groove nostalgia. If you’re a fan of artists like Teagan and Sara, Caveboy and Mint Simon, then CATBEAR is definitely for you. Best buds Zoe and Sara never miss a step when they sit down to craft new sonic gems for us. Incredible creators in their own right, but when they come together it’s a devastatingly brilliant match that creates fresh sounds and energy we are the lucky beneficiaries of.


Creatrx / Sunday
Creatrx has dropped a slick and vibelicious groove in new track ‘Sunday’. An electro jazz infused RnB/Hip Hop delight, Sunday will have you moving without delay, gliding along to pure swagger. Creatrx has the golden touch on this song, with rhyme and rhythm hitting all the right feels.


daena / Heart Heat
There’s no denying that daena is musical joy. She’s returned this summer with a wonderfully electric bop in new single Heart Heat and truth be told, I’m not sure the Nashville singer/songwriter even realizes how talented she is. The proof is in the music and the music is damn good! Heart Heat is everything you want in a summer love song. We recently reviewed the track so be sure to check it out to get the full take and get daena in your ears stat!

Check Out Our Review of daena’s ‘Heart Heat


Jeffrey Bullard / Left Behind
Jeffrey Bullard delivers what I hope is the beginning of his run up the proverbial music chart ladder. He is the boy next door with a voice that’s pure sweetness. One part melodic pop with a dash of country/folk twang and the vocal sincerity that will leave a trail of crushes in his wake. New track ‘Left Behind’ is gonna melt hearts for miles.


JORDY / Till It Hurts
Jordy’s moment is finally here. Already a0n accomplished songwriter with an impressive catalog of releases, he now is entering into the mainstream acknowledgement arena that will propel him onto radio stations everywhere. Latest song Till It Hurts is another bonafide pop banger that will be happily stuck in your head long after it ends and will leave you daydreaming about the exciting butterflies of young love.


Morgan Moats / Joyful
Saskatchewan’s Morgan Moats may not be  a familiar name to you, but that will change. Only their second release, Joyful is truly a breath of fresh air. Born out of elements of both theatre and pop music melodies, the song lifts you up and whips you around like a gliding ballroom movement only to gently have you land on your feet ready for another spin. And leaves you with a massive ear-to-ear smile on your face. In a world where we are being bombarded with hard sounds and often filled with feelings of darkness, Morgan Moats has given us sunshine and hope. Joyful indeed! 


Mow Mow / Little Mess
Mow Mow’s Little Mess makes a big impact! Here’s a song full of surprises. There’s real charm and bop contained within its 3 and a half minutes and around every corner a snap of sparkle. The vocals are captivating enough to not sound over produced and the cut of acoustic guitar dropped in grounds the song. I say Wow Wow to Mow Mow!


Nefe / Moonlight
I was fortunate to see Nefe live in an acoustic songwriters showcase a few years ago and ever since I have been completely in awe of the talent possible to exist in one artist. Moonlight is the latest is what has been a career so far of nothing short of brilliance. If you have yet to discover Nefe you need to resolve that horrific mistake. Nefe is quite possibly one of Canada’s strongest artists that you must know!


Rienne / Just Friends
Young developing singer/songwriter Rienne continues to impress. On new track Just Friends she’s giving us new an elevated sounds and is showing her continued growth. There are great indie pop moments on the track that bring to mind both Girl In Red and what I would imagine a stripped back and folk infused Billie Eilish might sound like. There’s magic in the making here and I can’t wait to see where Rienne goes next.


Sxmson / L2LY
One of the most wonderful artists I’ve had the great pleasure to spend time with. UK artist Sxmson has been developing his sound the past few years, with each release bringing him closer to this new self realized sound that has him absolutely glowing. L2LY is the second coming of Sxmson and is an amazing jumping on point to get to know this artist who is bound for chart success on his own terms, in his own time.


Tom King
Talent this extreme at such a young age should be illegal. But Tom King has talent to spare and musical chops ready to destroy you. He delivers emotion in devastating manner and pours every experience into his music. His live performances are spellbinding and magnetic and new song Hollow is a triumphant piece that showcases just how incredible an artist he is.


Travie Austin
Travie Austin is at this moment one of the most exciting indie artists around. He’s collabing all over the place as well as dropping his own fun, sassy and cheeky songs. Case in point, new song Flex. It’s a party, it’s a bop, it’s a vocal presentation, it’s sexy, smart and so, so Travie. For a good time press play on Travie Austin and then slap it #OnRepeat. The man is on fire and we’re loving the heat! 

Week Ending August 1, 2021

1. Kele Fleming – Vanishing of Bees
2. Billy Mick – Levelling Up
3. Travie Austin, TeawhYB, Jxckson – Cut Me A Check
4. Cory Stewart w/ Slowdance
5. Kat and the Hurricane – Resonate
6. Blake Rave – Quarantine with Me
7. Katie Tich – Waste My Time
8. Lucy & La Mer – Ooh La La
9. Elephant Trees – Day 42
10. Juno X – In Time

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