In nowhen, York University Theatre and Canadian Stage MFA Candidate Alison Wong invites guests to explore, and “let go of time, and revel in place” in a two-part, auditory and nature-based experience set in High Park featuring current Theatre at York students.

In Part 1 (Perspective), guests in small groups are invited to gather at one of seven different entry points to experience one of seven choreographed narratives adapted from stories of different perspectives, featured in Living Hyphen magazine.

In Part 2 (Presence), groups converge at the amphitheatre for a live performance, told through sound, movement, colour and language. The performance culminates in both a meditation, and celebration, of a deepend relationship to both the physical and temporal realms.

nowhen (noun) – “A point from which one has an unrestricted perspective in time.”

Seven paths, seven stories, converging in celebration of the thing that unites us – place.

nowhen – Aug 8 to 15, 2021

High Park Amphitheature – 1873 Bloor Street West, Toronto


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