Fans of Schitt’s Creek will recognize Annie Murphy from her role as Alexis on the hit Canadian series. Now she’s back in a new series, and new character, one that will certainly win your over as well.

Kevin Can F**k Himself is an American dark comedy television series created by Valerie Armstrong, who also serves as an executive producer. Set in Worcester, Massachusetts, the show explores the life of Allison McRoberts (played by Annie Murphy), a woman struggling to redefine her life amid an unhappy marriage to husband Kevin, an insensitive, unambitious man-child. The show presents contrasting perspectives of her experience: as a stereotypical comedy sitcom wife when Allison is with her husband Kevin, filmed using multi-camera set up and canned laughter, then abruptly switches to a woman navigating a difficult personal path, filmed in the single-camera setup more common to contemporary drama television.


For Schitt’s Creek fans looking for more of “Alexis”, this is not for you. Annie Murphy comes out two-feet forward and quickly harnesses this new character role. She’s definitely the lead in the series, and she knows how to own it. When the first episode opens as a typical canned laughter sitcom, it may lead some to click the channel right away. But don’t. Within minutes “Allison” leaves the family room where she’s acting as the typical “housewife” to her husband and buddies, walks into the kitchen, and viewers are suddenly thrust into a completely different series. Not only is the production different, but so are the characters, the environment, and setting. Before long, Allison returns to her dreaded subservient, dull life, while dreaming and plotting of her escape. Give this one a watch just for the unique style of production. Also, because it’s Annie Murphy, and she’s Canadian!

The first two episodes were made available on AMC+ on June 13, 2021, and the series premiered on AMC on June 20, 2021. Read this Variety article for more on the series, and it’s creator Valerie Armstrong.

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