ILRF aims to collectively elevate the voice of the oppressed in a celebration of diversity through music, art, and positivity. Featuring over 200 artists from all 5 continents, presenting works of music, drag, and video art – with the goal of raising important funds to benefit queer outreach and support organizations in countries that target LGBTQI+ people for persecution.

This, free-to-participate by donation, virtual festival takes place September 24-26, 2021.

With your help, by creating visibility, opportunities, and  allyship for those most in need, we believe we can create positive change and raise money for life-saving organizations working to end the persecution of lesbian, gay, and transgender people worldwide.

Today, LGBTQI+ people are persecuted throughout the world, facing violence,  persecution, and death just for loving who they love, how they look, or their chosen gender expression. State-legislated discrimination can include lack-of-access to housing and employment, loss of family and friends, and even life in prison or the death sentence.

While the global economy being shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread suffering, it has also brought people together online and in support for positive changes for major issues in equality, the environment, and the type of world we want to live in.  By bringing diverse artists from all around the globe, we aim to heighten awareness and cultivate conversations regarding human rights issues facing LGBTQI+ communities worldwide.

The event commits 100% of the proceeds to support numerous organizations on the ground in the areas most affected and global support towards decriminalizing LGBTQI+ people.  A Full list of our over 40 first wave participants and beneficiaries is live on our site now with a lot more being announced shortly.

Tickets here. Free or PWYC by donation with funds raised to cover small participant honorariums, video and technical expenses, marketing costs and to start directly supporting regularly updated beneficiary organizations.

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