A student project abruptly forces an emotionally stunted high school English teacher to confront his demons—past and present—taking him on a powerful journey of connection and redemption in Language Arts. A poignant family drama that connects us all in the universal need to love and be loved.

High school English teacher Charles Marlow (Ashley Zukerman; Young Charles, Elliott Smith) has spent decades shrinking from life, hiding away from the disappointments that have trailed him; regretful over a profound tragedy in his past.

When one of his students, Romy (Aishe Keita), proposes a photojournalism project documenting collaborations between autistic youth and senior dementia patients, Charles tailspins into the past, confronting the mistakes of his youth and struggling to reconnect with his own autistic son, Cody (Kieran Walton) and his ex-wife, Allison (Sarah Shahi). Their marriage shattered from the stress of raising a special needs child and Charles’ inability to reveal himself.

As Charles remembers an unlikely friendship with a boy in a white suit (Lincoln Lambert as Dana), who inscribed his troubled childhood with both solace and sorrow, he is forced to confront the actions and inactions that have shaped his life. Will Charles be able to release the regrets of his past in time to be a part of his family’s future?

Based on the novel by best-selling author Stephanie Kallos (Broken for You), Language Arts was written and directed by Cornelia Duryée (West of RedemptionThe Dark HorseCamilla Dickinson), whose youngest son—who makes a cameo appearance in the film—falls on the autism spectrum. Parenting her son has given her a unique perspective on her adaptation of the novel and her direction of the film.

Starring Ashley Zukerman (the upcoming Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, Fear StreetSuccessionA Teacher), Sarah Shahi (the upcoming Black AdamSex/LifeThe RookiePerson of Interest, The L WordFairly LegalAlias), Elliott Smith (ConfessPopstar: Never Stop Never Stoppingand Lincoln Lambert (Witch’s CastleModern Farmer).

Language Arts is now streaming in the U.S. and Canada on Apple TViTunesMicrosoftPrime VideoSpectrumVimeo and VUDU; and is coming soon on Google Play and YouTube. Available from Kairos Productions and Gravitas Ventures

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