Recently out of another stint in rehab, Natalie (Annika Marks) is hiding her everlasting pain killer habit, while living back at home and working for her Mom (Jane Kaczmarek) on the condition she’s clean. When Eleanor (Jenny O’Hara), a terminally-ill old woman, sneaks out of her nursing home and surprises Natalie with a long- forgotten IOU, her repayment request is shocking— she wants Natalie to help her die.

Natalie dismisses Eleanor, but after a family intervention, led by her Type A sister Anya (Besty Brandt), she needs to get her hands on clean urine. So, the two strike a deal— Eleanor will pee in a cup, and Natalie will help kill her. Their right to die odyssey is filled with complications as Eleanor’s past and Natalie’s lies catch up with them. But ultimately, helping Eleanor die with dignity might just teach Natalie to live with dignity.

Available from 1091 Pictures Oct 12, 2021.

Director’s Statement – Rich Newey

KILLING ELEANOR has many important themes, but the most poignant for me is the right to die with dignity. My dad had a stroke in 2015. It rendered him unable to care for or advocate for himself. I knew my dad would not want to live in an incapacitated state. He’d rather die. But we clung to hope. That’s what you do. You hold on. We found him a nursing home to help him recover– the best one that we could afford.It seemed quite nice, cosmetically speaking, but in actuality it might have been the saddest place I’d ever seen. In that time I got a glimpse into another world– one hidden from society, filled with our parents and grandparents who are completely dependent on strangers. With this movie, my hope is to open up the conversation around dying with dignity– to shine a light on an often forgotten part of the population who simply want to maintain control of their lives, right up until the end.I think we have a lot to learn about helping our loved ones do that.

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