The 15th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival takes places virtually across the country from Oct 13 to 17, 2021. This  is one of the world’s leading showcases of new Horror, Sci-Fi and Action Movies, enjoyed by over 10,000 attendees and participants each year, including fans, filmmakers, press and industry.

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North American Premiere. Director – Péter Bergendy
After surviving a near death experience during World War I, Tomás, a young photographer, ends up taking pictures of the dead and being drawn towards the paranormal. It’s not long before a young girl invites him to investigate her small village, which is being afflicted by a series of ghoulish hauntings. Billed as Hungary’s first ever true horror film, POST MORTEM is definitely one of the spookiest films in the Toronto After Dark lineup this year!


Director – Christopher Donaldson
This tense, survivalist siege horror gives a thrilling update to the John Carpenter cult classic, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, complete with a scintillating synth score! After their ambulance crashes into a ditch in the forest, a group of survivors led by Melina, a young Inuit paramedic, find themselves surrounded by a mysterious group of brutal killers intent on their deaths.


Canadian Premiere. Director – Adam Stilwell
In this terrifyingly claustrophobic and psychological horror thriller, Sara (NARCOS’s Andrea Londo) wakes from a coma to discover a life in a house, with a husband (X-MEN’s Shawn Ashmore) and a maid (Jane Badler, 1983’s “V” mini-series) she doesn’t remember. As her amnesia begins to fade, the chilling truth to her homelife begins to be revealed. A creepy treat from the executive producer of GET OUT, accompanied by a haunting score, composed by Joseph Bishara (MALIGNANT, THE CONJURING films, the INSIDIOUS films). Alas we have no official trailer for this brand new film, but trust us, it’s awesome!

free-fall-wide shot.jpg


World Premiere. Director – Julien de Volte & Arnaud Tabarly
Join us for the World Premiere of SUPER Z, a bloody, hysterical zombie action comedy from France that will be sure to have fans of the undead screaming, “BRAINS!” with delight. A family of ‘super-zombies’ escape from a secret experimental lab, and unleash mayhem on the countryside as they feast on the locals. It’s not long before a group of mercenaries are brought in to help, and an over-the-top, bloody battle between the undead and the living ensues!

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