Isaac is based on the Spanish stage play “El día que nació Isaac” by Antonio Hernández, that follows two old friends, Denis and Nacho, who meet again – both with their respective partners – years after having an intense relationship as teenagers.  Nacho and his wife Marta are attempting to get pregnant without success, while Denis and his wife Carmen are struggling to fund their dream restaurant. When Denis offers his partner as a paid surrogate for Nacho and Marta, the two couples have to deal with secrets that were buried deep inside long ago. The film is a  a genre-blend of drama, black comedy and an existential journey. 


A new perspective on how fluid and changing within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. The story flows nicely, with interspersed flashback shots to when Nacho and Denis were friends as youth, along with the elusive Isaac. There’s some laughs, some thought provoking moments, and a couple of surprises throughout. Each of the four main characters contribute equally to the film’s development.

As with many couples, this pair has more than one secret between each of them. Here, it’s the one between the guys that could pose issues after so many years. The pair haven’t seen each other in quite sometime, but they have remained in contact. Nacho is living with his girlfriend and wanting to open a restaurant, while Denis and his wife are having difficulty getting pregnant. After a night of passionate sex between the two, Denis thinks there might be a spark ignited. The film also touches on topics like surrogacy, infidelity, and love.

ISAAC is the debut feature film from directors Angeles Hernandez and David Matamoros,  produced by Hernández and Matamoros’ Barcelona-based Mr Miyagi. Isaac stars Iván Sánchez alongside Pepe Ocio, both of whom star in Netflix’s You Cannot Hide and High Seas respectively, along with Erika Bleda, and Maria Ribera. The film has one numerous awards, including Best Actor and Best Director at the Puerto Vallarta Festival, Special Jury Mention for Narrative Feature at OUTshine Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Feature Film at the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

Available November 16 on iTunes/Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, Vimeo, and through local cable and satellite providers, as well as on DVD.

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