The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) connects the global outdoor community with international filmmakers, creators and speakers, so that mountain adventures can be brought into the homes of viewers. The Festival offers mountain film screenings, live multimedia presentations, photography exhibitions, workshops, seminars & other special events. In February, they host an annual international 10-day festival, and in November it’s a special Fall Series of programming. Throughout the year, the organization also offer several monthly online shows that feature a series of adventure packed films that inspire viewers to new heights.


This fall, the Festival will once again return to some in person screenings at four venues in Vancouver: Hollywood Theatre, Rio, Kay Meek Theatres, and Brewhall.  The online show will be streaming for a whole month until December 12. There will be two Snowsports Shows, and a Mountain Sports Show, and two feature films. All shows will be screened in theatres and online. There will be a total of 24 films that showcase stories about climate change, mental health, snowsports, climbing and mountain sports. All shows will be available for streaming online and will screen at least once at a venue.


Get inspired for winter and enjoy five engaging films about overcoming struggles through mentorship and creativity, connecting to the mountains and Native American culture, and exploring historic stories from the past.


This passionate feature film that takes you on a journey to save an extraordinary species, the Southern Resident killer whales.


Be entertained  with eight exciting films featuring whitewater kayaking, mountain biking in BC and Colorado, surfing epic waves, pushing the sport of highlining, and freeriding around Innsbruck.


Only available in Canada, this feature film by Max Lowe is about the son of renowned mountaineer Alex Lowe. This extraordinary story examines the effect of his father’s life and death on his family.


Enjoy four epic films that feature upcoming and professional climbers, as they tackle some legendary routes.


Enjoy five films featuring First Nations youth, a quest for the steepest descents, travelling to the heart of the BC Backcountry for powder, and one skier’s source of inspiration.

The VIMFF Society is aligned with the philosophy of the North Vancouver municipalities to promote, both locally and internationally, the natural beauty of North Vancouver and its status as one of the best places to visit and live, a place where nature and culture meet.

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