A Boy Like That tells the story of Harold, a middle-aged Mexican theatre acting coach who travels to New York and finds himself obsessing over a precocious teenage boy named Felix, who he believes is the reincarnation of his first childhood love. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 film,Lolita, A Boy Like That explores a taboo relationship and the dangerous lengths some are willing to go to overcome the grief of a lost love.

Written and directed by Daniel Armando, the film stars Jaime Zevallos (Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger) as Harold and newcomer Andres Chavez as 17-year-old Felix. “Both Harold and Felix look towards each other to fill a void,” explains Daniel Armando of the two main characters in A Boy Like That. “Harold sees Felix as a reminder of his youth, of what he had and what he feels he will never be able to obtain again. Felix feels abandoned by his mother and longs so deeply for nurturing that he is willing to cling onto any older figure that offers comfort. He’s canny, the result of living a privileged life without consequences, but desperate for love and acceptance. The relationship Harold and Felix weave together becomes a twisted,entangled web of chaos.”

Armando was drawn to Jaime Zevallos for the role of Harold because he admired Zevallos’ approach to the character and felt he had a firm understanding of Harold’s questionable motivations. As for the character of Felix, he chose Andres Chaves because he was impressed by how grounded Chaveswas as a young actor. “There was also something mysterious and ambiguous about Andres that complimented the character of Felix,” says Armando.Filmed predominantly in Jackson Heights, Queens.


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A Boy Like That features Adrienne Lovette (The Deuce, Fosse/Verdon, Better Call Saul), Lawrence Stallings (Broadway’s Book of Mormon), Linda Manning, Stephanie Chloe, and Sean Labbe. It is executive produced by Novo Novus Productions(Dane Joseph, Daniel Armando, and Dwight Allen O’Neal), with Jaime Baker and Ella Jane New serving as associate producers. Cinematography is by Ryan Balas and original music by Brett Walling.



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