When an emotionally fragile young woman takes a job as nanny to two troubled children at a remote summer cottage, she falls in love with the children’s father, while becoming enmeshed in the mystery of their estranged mother – with whom, it turns out, the young woman has her own fraught history. As the summer progresses, she begins to suspect that the family has a dark history that they are desperate to keep secret.


This film starts slow, warms up, then climaxes with an interesting twist at the end. Lead actress, Michaela Kurimpski who had her feature debut in Jasmin Mozaffari’s film, Firecrackers, gives another reputable performance. 

This really was one of those movies where you’re questioning which storyline is the real one. Between the nanny recovering from several traumatic experiences, to the father who’s wife just walked out on him and their daughter, and a disturbed and distressed son, it’s a question of who’s who. Right up until the end, when revenge is questioned, and a three way confrontation needs to be resolved, it would have to end some way. Which it did. Unexpectedly. Captivating. Questioning.

Great collaborating effort from Hannah Chessman (Director) and Elizabeth Stewart (Writer). Kurimpski also starred in Chessman’s short film, Succor. It was great to see the credits stroll by revealing music by Toronto’s alaska B, with additional music by John Obercian. alaska B is the founding member and drummer for YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN , and John has composed other film scores. The Boathouse was shot in “Northern Ontario”, again, according to the credits.

Theatrical Release (One Night Only):December 13, 2021VOD/Digital Release:December 14, 2021

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