Rebellious and angry 10-year-old Markuss (played by talented newcomer Damirs Onackis) is sent to the Latvian countryside to live with his strict grandmother (Dace Eversa). Forced to adapt to an unfamiliar life in an unwelcoming new neighborhood, he seeks new friends. Yet, after Emīlija (Luize Birkenberga), a neighbor’s daughter, makes some contemptuous remarks about his father, Markuss decides to teach her a cruel lesson, which leads to severe repercussions throughout the village. The only person who seems to understand Markuss and his secrets is an outcast old sailor who lives alone and also has something to hide from his neighbours. 

 The consequences of hatred, guilt and revenge are explored in the atmospheric coming-of-age thriller, THE PIT, director Dace Puce’s feature film debut which had its international premiere at the Talinn Black Nights Film Festival in the Baltic Film Competition. Latvia’s 2022 submission for Best International Film at the Academy Awards® is based on a series of true stories from Latvian writer Jana Egle.

Available December 17, 2021 exclusively on Film Movement Plus.

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