According to a Toronto Star article, based on information received in a press release, it appears Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is going through yet another transitional period of change. Since this past December, every board member from Toronto’s longest running queer theatre company have left their post for various reasons, and theatre staff and management are now in the process of rebuilding the board anew.

Many of the issues for leaving have been cited as being the theatre not able to move quick enough to deal with anti-racist and anti-oppressive guidelines that the board put forth. The institutional review by Buddies Advisory Committee included board training around equity, diversity and inclusion. The Committee will meet again the week of January 24., 2022.

Managing director Shawn Daudlin and interim program director Daniel Carter called the board resignations “a new challenge to the company,” but one which “offers us a moment to reflect on the systems that have been grandfathered in and work together to establish new practices. At this moment, we are continuing with programming, as scheduled, and supporting the operations of the theatre.”

Upcoming programming includes the annual Rhubarb Festival of experimental new work, curated by Clayton Lee and running from Feb. 9 to 13, 2022.

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