When a 40-year-old man returns home from prison, he must confront the demons of his past. Marvin (Jake McLaughlin) is released from prison after serving his sentence for killing an elderly lady in his home town. Not much is divulged on the killing, other than it happened, yet not knowing if it was accidental or premeditated. This is only one story line of many that’s left for viewers to form their own opinions and versions of events throughout the film.

Along with Jake McLaughlin (Warrior, Savages) , the film stars Academy Award Winner Kathy Bates (Misery, Richard Jewell), and Aisling Franciosi (The Nightingale, The Fall), each giving strong character performances. I’ve always loved the work of Bates, from the first sinister role in Misery, but never knew of McLaughlin until this movie. He’s also got it going on in the way he puts his all into a character, and the pair work wonderfully together as mother and son team. Bates is now 73 years old, but can still swear like a trucker. McLaughlin plays his real age of 39 in the movie. In addition to acting, he’s also a proud soldier, born and raised in California to Irish descent parents.

Coming out of prison after 17 years makes for a difficult adjustment, as so many things have changed in that time in our fast moving society. Think smart phones, reality TV, dating apps, legalized weed, gay marriage, Lady Gaga, and so much more. Mavin moves in with his unhealthy, home-bound, chain-smoking, and beer drinking mother, Bernadette. She’s frail, and still obviously distraught over the ordeal of having to deal with her son being sent to prison for prison, while also having to deal with the local towns folk who suddenly shun her.

Bernadette has Jayden as her home care worker, whom after an awkward introduction, becomes an ally of Marvin’s. The town priest is also accepting and forgiving, but many of the town folk would rather not see Marvin’s face, especially the grandchildren of the person Marvin killed. However, the granddaughter, Delta (Aisling Franciosi), eventually takes pity on Marvin realizing that sometimes people need to be forgiven for mistakes they made in their youth. The two misfits form a bond, and when Marvin gets news that his mother is inevitably going to reach her demise, Delta is by his side. This is the story of several dysfunctional small-town families with differences, who must learn to live with each other, as there’s no other option.

Overall, it’s a slow moving real-to-life indie flick that works, reminiscent of recent sleeper hits, Florida and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, among others. Give this one a go!

Home is available  via Digital Download from Lightbulb Film Distribution

Home is the directorial feature debut from Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, Run Lola Run). After a successful acting career in Germany, then Hollywood, on both the big screen and television, this jump in directing might just be her next big calling. 



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