Men of West Hollywood follows six well-known male socialites, along with their boyfriends and girlfriends, as they come together to make up the most drama-driven, polarizing friend group in WestHollywood.

Mr. California, The Human Ken Doll, a celebrity photographer, a top underwear model, a YouTube star, and a luxury property owner all join forces to flaunt their lavish, chaotic Los Angeles Lifestyles. The Men make their way through WeHo’s hottest parties and red carpet events, finding tea and drama at every turn. Pool parties, photoshoots and fashion shows are just a taste of a typical day for the Men.

They also find love, heartbreak, and friendship with new and old companions along the way. Amongst close friends, the Men share intimate memories and emotional coming-out stories, finding a new level of trust in one another. Watch as longtime relationships face their ultimate test, old flings are rekindled, and new passions lead to scheming, cheating, and betrayal.

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