A Night In The Fields takes place a working class town near the French border, Anthony and Dylan, two inseparable and fearless fourteen-year-olds, decide to crash an evening at a nightclub. Young hearts run free with exhilarating consequences for all involved in this roller coaster ride through French suburbia.

This piercing debut, a ‘moyen métrage’ (medium-length film), from director Guillaume Grélardon, marks the arrival of an exciting new talent that isn’t afraid to show French youth, and boyhood in particular, through a refreshingly honest lens.


Quite simply, a moving film about the challenging times of being teenagers. The film also challenges the societal mores of sexuality, while not overtly having to portray it onscreen. These years are a time of discovery, uncertainty, and confusion. It makes viewers question their own youth when friends sometimes become more than friends, and sometimes they don’t. Overall, a wonderful film about acceptance, love, and understanding.

Available February 15, 2022 from NQV Media

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