In The Other Me, Irakli (Jim Sturgess) is an aspiring architect thrown into turmoil when diagnosed with a debilitating eye disease. As his condition worsens, a surreal visual world opens up to him causing him to question his life’s choices, his career, and his marriage to an increasingly frustrated Nutsa (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) who struggles with her loyalties to her husband and the realities of daily survival. As the visions become more intense, he falls for a mysterious woman Nino (Andreja Pejic), a beautiful artist who lives alone. She becomes his artistic muse and they form a deep connection that turns from fascination to infatuation to love. They learn to speak in poetic language and understand each other completely, which helps Irakli confront the truth about his own identity.


Although this was written and directed by Giga Agladze, it does have the look and feel of David Lynch, who was Executive Producer on this project. It’s definitely one of those psychological slow moving films where your mind, and eyes, must keep moving throughout. Irakli’s debilitating eye disease causes him to see things others can’t. The flashbacks to his youth eventually are pieced together to reveal the true story, but it’s a long winding, twisted, quirky road getting there. Transgender actor/model Andreja Pejic gives a strong performance as Nino/Nothing. This one is worth watching until the end for fans of this genre, otherwise I suppose many might tune out part way through, much like many did with other Lynch productions. He’s a strange character.

Available in select theatres and VOD, February 4, 2022. Available from Gravitas Ventures

Giga Agladze’s thriller THE OTHER ME stars Jim Sturgess, Rhona Mitra, Orla Brady Antonia Campbhell-Hughes, and Andreja Pejic. It was written and directed by Giga Agladze and executive produced by David Lynch. 

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