Gay Mean Girls season two is set within the same world as season one while developing storylines with fresh characters. The newest season is a chaotic, campy spectacle that unearths the open secrets that plague social justice spaces. Season two follows Savannah Kim (Jenna Phoa), a student journalist at Harper Heights High who is desperate to get a scholarship to escape her family. In pursuit of an article about Gay Prom Royalty, she uncovers Exhausted Not Exotic, a community arts space for queer racialized youth. After becoming entangled with its members and bonding with its leader Jennifer (Robyn Matuto), Savannah discovers that this “space space” is not what it claims to be, and learns to take ownership of her personal power.

The series is based on the 2015 hit short film which garnered over 3.6 Million views online.Gay Mean Girls is a project we have been working on since we met in film school. To continue making a second season is exciting for us, as it expands the Gay Mean Girls universe to encompass a greater vision,said Co-Producer and DP Hayley Wong. “We are really excited to elevate the series stylistically and with the characters this season, including working with our fantastic returning and new cast and crew.”

The 8-episode, ten-minute Season Two series will be released online through KindaTV . Season One is available to watch now.

The producing team prides itself on launching a talented cast into the industry by working with Jesse Griffiths to cast extensive up-and-coming stars including Vicky To, Lydia Lowe, Andie Sabarillo, Kat Khan (THE HANDMAID’S TALE), Jordan Li, Philip Yao, Ang Kiriakos (AMERICAN GODS), Shannon Heron, Yona Epstein-Roth (THE BOYS), Mia Yaguchi-Chow (THE FIRM), Katherine Nye (THE FORGOTTEN CHRONICLES), Declan Prior (IT: CHAPTER TWO), Sedona Fiati (CORONER), Davinder Maldi and Micah Chu.

Returning to the series is Jensen Porter (AMERICAN GODS) in the role of Clara, Jordan Li in the role of Jamie and Hannah Raine as Miranda. Heyishi Zhang returns as show runner and director for season two. Zhang is an award-winning filmmaker who prides herself on bringing chaotic and complex stories about subjects beyond the margins to the big and small screen alike. Her previous works have been featured on Global TV, Elle Canada, Rookie Mag, She Does The City, Leste and more. Zhang also co-founded the Ryerson Alliance of Women Filmmakers while attending its film program.The series is produced by Maddy Falle of Obvious Allegory Inc, a Toronto-based production house spearheaded by Falle. Falle previously was a Producer on four feature films including Reem Morsi’s sophomore feature THE LAST MARK.

Obvious Allegory Inc. focuses on producing made-for-platform movies and short format digital series that centre on human connection, sexuality, and the complexity of relationships. Hayley Wong serves as DOP and co-producer on the series. Borga Dorter and Jordan Barker of Gearshift Films serve as executive producers on the series.


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