Fearless, the streaming service known for inclusive movies and shows has announced that it is now available globally. The news marks a massive opportunity for inclusive storytelling as Fearless showcases under-represented and marginalized voices including LGBTQ, BIPoC, and people with disabilities.

The independent media company founded by Canadian filmmakers Deanna Widmeyer and Matkai Burmaster with team members in LA, NYC, and Auckland. The service is 4 years old and has found success in a saturated market by providing unique content with unwavering values.

The company’s CEO and Co-Founder, Deanna Widmeyer is especially thrilled about the expansion. “We’re so excited to be reaching a larger audience after hearing so much positive feedback about our service,” Widmeyer says. “Going global was the next natural step for us and we can’t wait to see more people all over the world enjoying Fearless.”

The streaming service’s claim to fame is their Perspectives feature which makes it easy to find inclusive content. Co-Founder Matkai Burmaster is passionate about making media more diverse. “Inclusivity is so incredibly important,” he explains. “Hollywood systematically excludes queer, BIPoC, disabled and other minority voices, so we believe it our duty to ensure that these stories are given a space to truly thrive.  It is for this reason that over 95% of the content you see on Fearless isn’t available on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, or other major services – they just aren’t showing these diverse and inclusive movies & shows.”

The service also offers an opportunity for filmmakers of all walks of life to get their work seen and monetized. Fearless works with independent filmmakers giving them a platform to reach more audience members and level the playing field amongst big Hollywood blockbusters with larger budgets.

“When we started this platform we were looking for ways to showcase our own films, we didn’t see a platform for the niche that we were creating for, so we created the service too,” Widmeyer says. “It’s important to us as filmmakers ourselves to help other creators not only monetize their work, but gain valuable feedback from diverse audiences to go forth and improve their craft.”

Fearless is home to a fast-growing collection of programming only available on Fearless. From hilarious comedies to reality & thrillers, there’s a Fearless title perfect for anyone. Plus, inclusivity is built into each one – ALWAYS!

The streaming service can be accessed via any browser globally. In addition, an app for Fire TV is arriving in the coming months with apps for Apple TV and Roku to follow. Users in the US & Canada can also access Fearless on iOS and Android. Access to mobile apps will expand to more countries in 2022. Content availability varies by region.

What makes Fearless different?

Take a stand for inclusivity.

Fearless is home to diverse voices including LGBTQ, Black, Disabled, Female, Indigenous and other underrepresented communities. Everyone should be able to see themself on screen. Period.

Connect deeper with Creators.

Every movie and show on Fearless is made by an independent creator and showcased on their own Fearless Channel. This puts the power into the ones making the content and ensures that everyone can have their work seen including under-represented filmmakers.

Help squash systemic hate & bias.

Streaming services frequently contain problematic content that causes harm to the LGBTQ community, racial minorities and people with disabilities. Fearless actively denies toxic content and adds Advisories to titles that may potentially trigger select viewers so Members can make informed choices.


Fearless was co-founded by Matkai Burmaster and Deanna Widmeyer. The pair studied together at film school (Seneca College in Toronto).  Fearless began by accident; after film school, the pair of friends began making movies and shows of their own and couldn’t find a platform that fit what they were looking for, so they created it for themselves. Now, over 4 years later, Fearless is alive and well and has expanded from Canada & US only to a global audience.

Deanna Widmeyer (she/her) is a Canadian actor/filmmaker and entrepreneur. She enjoys all aspects of filmmaking from crew to cast, as long as she gets to be creative! She is a proud member of the ACTRA union and has enjoyed working on many ACTRA productions. She is best known for her comedic role as Wanda in the web series So That Happened, which she co-produced, and for directing the short LGBTQ thriller film Committed. At Fearless, Deanna is the CEO and co-founder.

Matkai Burmaster (he/him) is a Canadian actor and director best known for his contributions to the LGBTQ+ community and for being an advocate for greater LGBTQ+ inclusion in the film industry. Matkai has performed in, written, and/or directed a slate of LGBTQ content including It’s Complicated (with Tony Babcock), So That Happened (starring Ally McLean), Stripped, Committed, The Stamp (starring Destinee Smith), The Toothbrush, The Morning After, and True You. At Fearless, Matkai is the President and co-founder.

Read an interview with Matkai here.


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