The Interior Design Show is launching its flagship event, taking place April 7-10, with the theme of New Futures. The theme and branding for 2022 by Sali Tabacchi design studio is indicative not only of the vision for a strong global show reflective of future design trends, but also as a catalyst to open new bright futures to the design industry in Canada and beyond.

Its 2022 theme, New Futures, reflects Canadian design within a global context catalysing new ideas, solutions and expression featuring fresh branding by Sali Tabacchi design studio. Transformative change for both people and the planet is occurring at a rapid pace right now. More than ever, design thinking and insightful expertise are needed to push new realities forward by reimagining and reforming how we live, work, and create as we consider our New Futures.

Adaptation and change are key to success in the design industry as design conventions, processes and technology push the industry forward and that is the approach the IDS team is taking when looking towards their events for 2022 and the theme of New Futures.  This past year, the IDS team introduced a series of micro-offsite events as well as a series of virtual seminars to reinforce a touchpoint with the design industry year-round. The team plans to continue to offer these additional activations throughout the year with both their IDS Toronto and IDS Vancouver events.

Interior Design Show – Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, 222 Bremner Blvd., Toronto

View full schedule here, and get your tickets here for public days on Saturday and Sunday.

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