Luna DuBois and MRG Group present a night of “Moon & Stars” at Adelaide Hall! Featuring some of the greatest Queens in Toronto, including guest STARS Makayla Walker, Van Goth (Blake Harris) & Naomi Leone with DJ Sophie Jones

Luna DuBois is a fashion diva (or “fashion icon” as her fans like to call her). She was born and partly raised in Nigeria, and also in Canada making her a Nigerian-Canadian queen. She is known for her jaw-dropping looks, snatched mug, modelling skills, and captivating soulful and dance performances. Her background in fashion design and her self-taught makeup skills come in very handy with her brand which has allowed her to be a well known name in the drag scene and fashion industry in Toronto. But don’t be fooled, she’s not just a look queen, she can turn the party and give you a sickening show that will keep asking for more!”

So what can one expect at this party? We asked Luna  to fill us in….

What can people expect who attend?

Drag performances, Music, Dancing. The drag portion of the show is during the first 2 hours which will leave rest of the night for dancing.

Is this a regular event? weekly/monthly?


If so, will guests be changing each time?


What is Adelaide Hall like for those who haven’t been? Seating / GA? VIP area?

Some seating, mostly standing. GA

Stop by for a night of 3 D’s – drinks, dancing, and debauchery!

Adelaide Hall – 250 Adelaide St, Toronto Doors 9:00PM Show 10:00PM. Tickets

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