Drag Queen Ruby LaRue joins the cast of Season 2 of the Bell Fibe TV1 series, Pink Is In, that follows the comedic antics of the staff and prisoners at a fictional women’s prison set in Hamilton, Ontario. Season 2 of the series will begin airing on Bell Fibe TV1 on April 11, 2022.

The character of Ruby LaRue, who first appeared in the short comedic film, Digging Up Dorothy, will soon be seen in the halls of Chatsworth Prison on the Canadian comedy series, Pink Is In.


“I created Ruby for a short film that I wrote and produced in 2019,” says Ruby’s portrayer Darren Stewart-Jones. “I met the main writer of Pink Is In through my work as a co-producer on the series and he liked the Ruby character so much, he asked if he could write her into the show!”

Ruby shows up at Chatsworth as a new prisoner in Episode 2 of Season 2 and she soon begins to cause a bit of a stir. Her storylines include officiating a wedding and helping to sneak a male stripper (played by Nathaniel Bacon) into the prison.

Ruby also has a very small cameo role on an upcoming episode of the new Kids In The Hall series. “She gets around,” says Stewart-Jones. “Ruby is like a bad rash that spreads like wildfire and won’t go away!”

Pink Is In Season 2 begins streaming on Bell Fibe TV1 on April 11.

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