Maybe Someday tells the story of Jay (Michelle Ehlen), a non-binary photographer in her 40s, battling a mixture of denial and depression as she attempts to move across the country in the midst of separating from her wife (Jeneen Robinson). Along the way, she takes a detour to stay with her straight and separated high school best friend (Shaela Cook) who Jay used to be secretly in love with before she came out as a lesbian. While spending a few days there, Jay befriends a campy, emerging comedian Tommy (Charlie Steers) who has long given up on love. The two become friends as Jay welcomes the friendship, and laughter, but soon finds out his negativity is not what she needs right now and continues onward with her journey.

Jay is broken and needs to find a way to heal but how can she heal when she returns stay with her best friend who she never really got over. Struggling to move forward with the next chapter of her life, memories of the past resurface as Jay grapples with the inevitable cycles of love, loss, and letting go. There are several flashbacks of Jay and her friends in their youth that helps you better understand the story, including where she comes out of the closet to her friends. The film feels so natural, like any of these characters can be your friend. Michelle Ehlen wrote, directed and also stars in this slow moving, yet wonderful film of love and differences.

Available from Ballet Diesel Films

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