Good luck to You, Leo Grande tells the story of Nancy Stokes (Emma Thompson), an older widow who is feeling the need for some adventure, human connection, and the sex that she’s missed out on her entire married life. Enter younger Leo Grand (Daryl McCormack), a male sex worker she hires to help fulfill her desire to feel wanted and experience something new.


The film takes place almost entirely in a hotel room, with only a one exception where the pair meet up out in public, which is also the only time other cast members make an appearance. Otherwise, the film is staged around the two main leads, which for some could make for a boring film, but in fact it creates a strong connection with each character.

Nancy has never experienced an orgasm, or any satisfying sex at all as her marriage was traditional in every sense of the word, including missionary sex with her husband, the only man she has ever had sex with. On her travels for work, she decides to explore the option of hiring a sex worker. Enter charming and handsome, Leo Grande, who prefers to referred to as a sex therapist, a title we soon fight out is most appropriate when dealing with insecure clients like Nancy.

The pair meet in Nancy’s hotel room, and although she is the one orchestrating this arrangement, it’s clear that Leo is the one having to take the lead. What was suppose to be a one off meetup ends up being a few follow up meetings, where Nancy shows up with a list of items she wants to cross off her list. She nervously drops to her knees to get started, but then bails out. The pair banter back and forth, and there are several comical moments, as well as a few unexpected turn of events. Does Nancy cross everything off her list? You’ll have to watch until the end to find out. The film does lag a bit, and there’s not much in the way of sexual content, despite the theme of it.

Available from Searchlight Pictures and Cornerstone Film

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