A Song for Us tells the heartwarming story of love lost and found again, following the path of a British folk singer who reconnects with her long-lost lover. He is adrift and broken, a shadow of the folk singer that she partnered with as a young singing duo in Yorkville, Toronto. Now she is compelled to help him, and in doing so uncovers a revelation. Journey back to those days when there was hope for peace and change.

Written, Produced and Directed by Peter Hitchcock, and starring Lisa Kovack (Fear Thy Neighbour) and Haley Midgette (Saving Dreams).

A Song For Us is available now to rent & buy on Amazon Prime Video 

Excited about the US release of the film, Director Peter Hitchcock said: “Making this feature film was my dream fulfilled. The film is a show of Music and Love! I hope it lifts people’s spirits and I’m thrilled it can be seen around the world. It speaks to the heart… something everyone needs today!”

Director Peter Hitchcock Biography:  

Peter Hitchcock is an independent filmmaker who has just completed his feature film ‘A Song For Us’. It’s always been his passion to make a feature and now he’s done it.

Peter hails from England but now calls Canada home. He grew up in Long Ditton, Surrey, and as a child, he loved to produce puppet shows in the garage and took part as a child extra on TV shows and features. Schools were never his thing and he left when he was only 15. Peter knew he wanted to work somehow in film and got a job as a theatre projectionist. His future then took him to Maidenhead, Berkshire, where he worked for AP films on Stingray and Thunderbirds. Simultaneously, he hosted and ran his own beatnik folk clubs in Windsor and Maidenhead. He famously booked Paul Simon for a mere £20 as Paul was unknown in the UK. Other artists he booked were Charlotte Cornwell, Davey Graham, John Renbourn, Jo Ann Kelly, and Bert Jansch.

At 21 years old, Peter made the leap to Toronto, Canada, with just £100 to his name and a suitcase. He wandered the streets that the first day, super hot, dressed in a thick Burtons suit and knowing no one. He happened upon Yorkville, an area full of artists, writers and musicians such as Margaret Atwood, Buffy Ste Marie, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell.

Yorkville was Canada’s Greenwich Village and Haight Ashbury rolled into one. Peter knew that to be a director he’d have to know editing and within 3 weeks he became an assistant editor with the CBC where he made his first short film which aired on CBC. Shortly after Peter met his sweetheart and had twin boys. Making documentaries and Promos was followed by a move to Los Angeles where they lived in Venice and West Hollywood. Amongst others, Peter worked with Wes Craven (Hills Have Eyes), Noel Marshall, and Jan de Bont.

Upon returning to Canada, with a family to support, Peter continued as independent by producing, directing, and editing for Corporate and TV productions. But the longing to make a feature always lingered in the background.

This feature film ‘A Song For Us’ which Peter wrote, directed and produced, is a story of ‘Love Lost and Found Again’ – illustrated by 10 original songs. It’s a story that speaks to the heart… something everyone needs these days.


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