Fearless, the streaming service known for showcasing LGBTQ+ and inclusive movies and shows, drops a fresh new update to their Amazon FireTV app, that will make the viewing experience better for Fearless members around the globe.

Fearless released a brand new update for their FireTV app with improvements and a revamped look. The new look includes a glowing neon green border around title thumbnails, rounded corners throughout and new animations for interactions with the app.

Our fresh new update to the Fearless app for FireTV brings not only a fresh, new modern look, but also contains improvements to navigation, user interface and speed,” said Fearless co-founder Matkai Burmaster. “We strive to continually improve our apps so that users get the best viewing experience on every device including iOS, Android, web and FireTV.” The company has also announced that apps for GoogleTV and AppleTV are on their way with Roku to follow.

Fearless is a subscription streaming service that highlights inclusive films & series. The platform is best known for:

–  Movies and shows that showcase LGBTQ representation including gay, lesbian, transgender bisexual and queer stories.
–  Films and series created by female filmmakers and female directors.
–  Entertainment that features Black, Indigenous, Disabled and other under-represented perspectives.
–  100% of content on Fearless is made by independent filmmakers from around the world.

While our apps are important to our members,” Matkai continues, “the content contained on them is just as important. We continue our track record of showcasing the most inclusive movies and shows on the internet and we are continually adding new releases on Fridays that further that mission. At the end of the day, we believe that everyone should be able to see themselves on screen. Period.”

With fall streaming just around the corner, now’s the  best time to join and take a look at their awesome exclusive programming. New members can try Fearless now with a free trial here

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