Madeline Rose Fiore recently turned her self-published poetry book, My Pocketbook of I Love You’s into a short film, which has won several awards, including Best LGBTQ Film, Best Cinematography, and a People’s Choice Award from local film festivals. Throughout the book and film, readers and viewers can experience Madeline’s journey with love and all that entails throughout her countless encounters.

Madeline began her writing career in high school when she first started writing poetry. Since then, she has self-published two poetry books and explored other forms of creative writing. She has also been using her photography as a medium for storytelling. She brings her writing to life through multimedia elements like photo series, short films and plays. 

She is currently working on her next short film called Road Trippin’, which she wrote, directed and produced. It explores two girls who go on a road trip and uncover their love for one another, which ultimately runs parallel to their brothers’ secret relationship. 

As a member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, she has made it a goal of hers to write the stories she wishes she could have had seen on the big screen growing up. She states, “As I firmly believe accurate representation on screen is of great importance, I feel as though it is my responsibility to share stories other 2SLGBTQ+ members can not only relate to, but also feel both empowered and inspired by.”

The film has officially wrapped production and is moving into post-production and could use some help to finish this project. Money raised will go towards production costs such as food, transportation, locations, actors, crew, film permits, etc. Expected release date is early 2023 to be tied into film festival screening dates. Donations can be made here.

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