The Deanne Taylor New Works Festival takes place between Nov 30th – Dec 18th, 2022 at the Deanne Taylor Theatre, located at 10 Busy Street in Toronto. Newly appointed General Manager of Video Cabaret, and Artistic Producer of the Deanne Taylor Theatre, Aaron Rothermund, is the producer of this new festival, and he stated, “This New Works Festival has a large queer component.”

Here’s what’s playing that you need to check out.

November 30 – Dec 4, 2022 

WAITING FOR THE DAWN –  8:30 PM – 9:30 PM $20 CASH AT DOOR, or advance tickets here.

Meet Mr. Vain Imagination and Ms. Idle Fancy One is trying “video therapy” for the first time; the other has given God a 24-hour deadline to provide a vision. Trying to understand how they’re connected, Idle meditates in impossibly high heels, and Vain stays awake for nights on end. She takes the bus for the first time, he tries to turn into a tiger, and both look for a way to pick up an audience and put it in their hands. Waiting for the Dawn is a comedic romp through 55 real-time minutes with two people who don’t even know that they’re searching for one another. Created by the critically acclaimed Erika Batdorf and performed by actor/dancer Matthew Romantini

Dec 7th – Dec 11th, 2022

THANK U, EX –  7 PM – 8PM  $15 cash at the door or advance tickets here.

This coming of age story is about a young girl’s journey through her love life. Bringing you 90’s nostalgia forms of heartbreak, loss, love and of course the teenage mutant ninja turtles delicacy, pizza. Join Violet as she examines her past relationships, kicks her exes to the curb, and finds her way to self discovery. Starring Kelly Taylor. Directed by Madelaine Rose.


After years of being lost in obscurity, Ted Hambly and Alessandra Vite are proud to present this new production. Each evening, they will be taking your suggestions and making up a brand new work of theatrical art right in front of your eyes. Watch in awe as these two improvisers they tackle great Canadian themes, such as whatever the audience tells them to do. They will parody classical and modern Canadian works based on audience suggestions. 

SATAN! – 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM $15 CASH AT DOOR

He’s here from below to ruin your day: It’s SATAN! Step into the parlour of the original pointy little jerk from Hell, as he sets out to prove that humanity is doomed with a collection of twisted tales and fiendish feats of evil. A 1930’s jazz-inspired anthology of vice, hubris and sin, starring a colourfully, cautionary cabaret of wayward souls, and hosted by the Devil himself! But be warned sinners, he hasn’t done this in a while or prepped very much. Warnings: Mature Language, cartoonish violence.  Created by Jon Blair.

Dec 14 – Dec 18th, 2022

JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH –  7:00 PM – 8:00 PM $15 cash at door 

Pushing “epic minimalism” to the very maximum, this explosive virtuoso one-man mime adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth carves thrilling unforgettable sequences for audiences of all ages!  Featuring Robert Feetham (2022 Dora Award winner), and directed by Colin Bruce Anthes. 

THE TRUTH! 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Tickets are $15 at the door (Cash Only) or in advance here.

Adam Bailey always has a stranger-than-fiction true story up their sleeve, whether it’s about growing up gay in the Evangelical Church, the radicalization of young men and the cost of political violence (Franz Ferdinand Must Die) or the strange road to a working-class success in the arts (The Life Henri). This year he’s taking on the notion of the truth itself in his new, aptly named, play The Truth! Fast-paced mash-ups of pop-culture and historical deep dives, Bailey’s plays offer surprising empathy and self-deprecating humour, and this one is no different. Jumping from Plato’s Cave to a unique direct marketing campaign involving Samuel L. Jackson, Bailey questions the usefulness of knowledge in a world where everyone is in their own information silo. Inspired by the different reactions he gets from dropping strange facts on stage vs when he does it in real life, these stories take what could be a politically divisive subject and makes it personal instead, sprinkling in lessons learned from hospital shift rotations in 1846, and 2SLGBT+ folk history. Written and Performed by Adam Bailey, with creative input from the incomparable TJ Dawe, who’s renowned storytelling abilities have aided many Fringe hits as well as films like The F Word

DELL’ARTE BURLESQUE – 10 PM – 11 PM  $40 CASH AT DOOR or discount advance tickets here

Join the Dell’Arte Burlesque Collective for a high-end burlesque experience that includes a curated mixture of the best burlesque talent in Toronto, with choreographed group acts.The DBC strives to elevate the Southern Ontario burlesque and cabaret community; with team building group acts, international burlesque headliners, classes, workshops, and more. With a focus on LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC inclusivity, they are dedicated to enriching the tapestry of the Burlesque community. While maintaining a supportive and sex positive environment for performers to hone their talents.

All performances take place at the Deanne Taylor Theatre, located at 10 Busy Street in Toronto.

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