A provoking and immersive theatre experience directed by Sky Gilbert, Kink Observed is a workshop presentation of a collective creation produced by Kink-on-the-Run Productions, and financed by the Canada Council. Guests are invited to attend this special workshop presentation to experience the first stages of the creation of this controversial and immersive theatre production.

On January 29, 2019 Bruce McArthur pleaded guilty to eight counts of first degree murder and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. His victims were gay men who took ‘submissive’ roles in what the press often referred to as ‘kinky’ sex. McArthur is quoted as saying that he believed his victims made it clear that they ‘wanted it rough.’ Kink Observed explores what ‘kinky’ sex — and sex itself — means to gay men, (and hopefully, ultimately to us all) by considering these questions: “why do we push ourselves to the limit, sexually?” and secondly “can an audience watch a representation of ‘kinky sex’ without demonizing the players?”

With the rise of digital technology, gay sexuality has gone almost completely underground — it is once again invisible. During the ‘gay liberation’ in the 70s, gay men proudly walked the streets and ‘sashayed’ to gay bars on Church Street (in Toronto) and Christopher Street (in New York City). Now the most accessible vision of gay men is RuPaul’s drag race; a ‘cleaned up’, apolitical version of the old raunchy and politically challenging bar drag. Where once gay men were identified by their leather jackets and tight pants, we now watch ‘respectable’ married gay men on TV adopting children and virtue signalling while real gay men make ‘hookups’ on social media apps in secret. Kink Observed will challenge recent misleading and myopic representations of gay sexuality by putting three gay men onstage who place their sexuality directly in your face.

Kink Observed offers audiences an opportunity to view gay male sexuality performed live — and up close. This collective creation is directed by Sky Gilbert and devised (with Sky) by Ryan Cunningham, Ray Jacildo and Brandon Nicoletti, who also perform in the production. Live music is by Lyon Smith, props by Trixie and Beaver, and costume consultation by Marty Rotman.

Kink Observed – Nov 25 to 27, 2022, Video Cabaret / Deanne Taylor Theatre 10 Busy Street Toronto Tickets here.

Friday, November 25 – 8:00pm

Saturday, November 26 – 2:30pm

Saturday, November 26 – 8:00pm 

Saturday, November 27 – 2:30pm

Saturday, November 27 – 8:00pm 

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