SPECTOR is a four-part documentary series about music producer Phil Spector, and what happened on the fateful night when actress Lana Clarkson was shot dead in his mansion. Through the lens of police records for this notorious crime, along with the infamous trial that followed, the series peels back the layers of what actually happened that night, to tell the stories of both Clarkson and the man who was convicted of her murder.


The series begins with a 911 call being placed to the California Police Department by Spector’s personal driver reporting the fatal shooting of a woman at his home. Episode one then goes into the history of his musical genius discovering and manufacturing so many acts from the 60’s and 70’s, before delving into his spiraling downfall due to drug and alcohol addiction. He’s depicted as a lonely rich man who had everything, except friendship and love. He’s also shown to have had incidents of showing a violent nature. During court proceeding, several women testified to his abuse and their fear of his anger. None of them had reported it to the police at the time, making their accusations have less validity in the court system.

The final two episodes are basically courtroom drama antics, and reenactments that linger on for years, while Spector remained a free man, and almost making a mockery of the proceedings. He eventually was deemed innocent to the crime of killing Lana, but a follow up retrial found him guilty, and he was sent to prison, where he later died. There are many variables as to various scenarios and situations that could have happened, since it was only the two individuals present at the time of Lana’s death. The series makes for a good courtroom drama, with a side not of music history.

How could one of the most important figures in 20th century pop music also be a monster? Through the lens of this notorious crime and the hysterical media circus which followed, this major four-part documentary series peels back the layers to tell the story both of Clarkson and the man who was convicted of her murder. In doing so it attempts to re-examine the life of one of the most important, yet enigmatic cultural figures of the 20th century – and a bygone era of Hollywood and the music industry – in a way that has never been done before.

All four episodes are currently streaming in Canada on Crave. Produced by Showtime Documentary Films

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