THE BIRDS is a new psychological thriller inspired by the Daphne DuMaurier short story and Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name.

New York socialite Daphne Daniels is headed to an old family cottage for a weekend of R&R with her brother and husband, but when her husband is unexpectedly delayed and their neighbours turn out to be Daphne’s old flame and his new girl, tensions run high. Things take a bizarre turn when reports of violent bird attacks start flooding the airwaves and the sudden crisis brings out everyone’s deepest fears and darkest convictions. Inspired by the toll isolation and political propaganda took on many during the past few years of the global COVID-19 pandemic, The Birds examines what happens when the line between truth and paranoia becomes dangerously blurred.


There are references to a flock of birds that may attack those to that near their nests, but this is far from the main plot of this production. It’s a far deeper story about family, friendships, lovers, and others. Brother and sister, David and Daphne, make their way to their old family cabin to get away from the big city life. Daphne’s husband is supposedly going to join them later, but they soon find out that he has been delayed due to a fatal accident enroute that has closed the roadways.

As the pair try to unwind, it becomes apparent that there is a troubled past between the two of them that still presents as an issue to both. There are references to David’s childhood and his friendship with a school mate. It’s never quite revealed what transpired, but it has had a lasting effect on David, and as time goes on, Daphne may have more to do with this than David was aware of.

Other characters soon begin to appear randomly, including Mitch, a macho man who was once Daphne’s old flame. He’s also up during the same period, and this time with his new girlfriend Annie. There’s also Hank, the local yokel who permanently lives in the area, and appears to be harmless despite his eccentric ways. Those pesky birds do become a menace, but they are nothing compared to what these humans possess. Overall, it’s a tale of mystery and mystique that in the end leaves one thinking, who is the victim and who is the perpetrator, and also where is Daphne’s husband?

Credit must also be given to Set and Lighting Designer, Wes Babcock, for the spot-on 1950s household set up. 

The Birds – Hart House Theatre, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto

On stage Nov 25 to Dec 10, 2022. Tickets and More Info here.

A Venue Partnership with Bygone Theatre


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