Those listening to el Hashem’s new EP “Come Part in My House” are discovering three unique tracks, in a multiple of genres, and are raving about them. Described by el Hashem as, “things that really happened to me”, the Middle Eastern inspired A Party in My House, the country influenced Keeps Me Home (My Cowboy), and the sexy sweet little pop number Run Away with You, come together for a party you do not want to miss. An animation music video of the title track will drop during the 2022 Holiday Season, followed by dance and alternative mixes plus music videos of the other tracks.

This EP concludes what el Hashem called From the Book of My Life body of work. It is a collection of songs that are personal, which began with the release of the incredibly unique single I Miss You Mom, followed by the heartbreak ballad Not the Kinda Heart That Falls Apart, and now wraps up with this recent release. In 2023 he will start the work on a full album that he hopes will inspire personal and collective empowerment, and will brighten someone’s day when things seems to be dark.

el Hashem’s popularity is growing steadily around the world. From close to home in Toronto, and North America, to the Middle East, Indonesia, Philippines, Uganda, Nigeria, South America, and more, fans are coming to his social media from all over to enjoy his original songs, his fun videos covering popular songs that he does to entertain his friends (he personally prefers that to “fans”), and his sharing of his love of food, dogs, and life. His friendly, down to earth real vibe, and happy smile, seem to be reason for his growing popularity.

When he started, el Hashem was concerned about a number of barriers to break as a Lebanese Canadian, gay artist, who is starting on the journey of writing and recording songs after a successful career in media publishing and as a talk show host. To be welcomed and enjoyed by listeners from different cultures, and in spite of the distances, is an exciting, and unexpected step, in his song journey. His recent videos singing much loved Christmas songs seem to be spreading seasonal joy to listeners and getting a ton of love.

That is how el Hashem sees songs and his role as an artist, to bring people together, to bridge cultures, to create a moment of joy or a powerful emotion.


el Hashem: Is a Canadian Lebanese singer/songwriter. Love of songs and respect for, and appreciation of music, was instilled in him since childhood, as he comes from a very well known and respected Lebanese musical family, with one of his aunts considered a trailblazer superstar and hugely influential singer in the history of songs in Lebanon, while another aunt held a leadership role in Lebanese radio and television. He had a very successful career in LGBTQ+ media, and not until recently did he decide to give singing a go after being encouraged by a music producer and a record label to pursue the talent they saw in him.





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