Queer Pop/Rock Band Hyphen Hyphen reveals Own God, a new extract from their new album C’est la Vie to be released on January 20, 2023 via Parlophone France. The album also features Call My Name, Don’t Wait For Me, and Too Young.

HYPHEN HYPHEN is composed by Santa, Line and Adam. The European band has had over 500 concerts and secured a gold debut album in 2016, that quickly built them a solid European reputation with titles such as ‘Just Need Your Love’, ‘Like Boys’ or ‘Mama Sorry’ bringing and defending essential message for the LGBTQ+ communities. Four years have passed since Hyphen Hyphen’s second album, the brilliant HH, entirely written and self-produced by the band.They had their first North American performance at Summerstage Festival in NYC last year, and are now following this up with an international tour in 2023.

” When we recorded our previous album, it was all about showing we could be producers. For this one, it was about showing that we are musicians. Everything was recorded live in the studio. We really wanted to get back to the soul of the band. ” In a nostalgic (but by no means backward-looking) approach, the trio started by immersing itself in the back catalogs of bands and artists from the ’70s, from Fleetwood Mac to America, and Bruce Springsteen. Then they got down to writing the third chapter of their own discography, the aptly named C’est La Vie, and made the crucial decision to slow down and take their time.

What quickly becomes clear is the quality of the trio’s impeccable songwriting and their ability to carve out melodic gems with the potential to be instant classics, like the irresistible first single Don’t Wait for Me, co-written with Glen Ballard. We also rediscover Santa’s vocal acrobatics, more stripped back than ever on Call My Name and Symphony, where she channels Kate Bush in style. Reconnecting with the energy of live shows (Too Young, Help Yourself), the band has successfully put together a dazzling display of pop music, combining sensitivity, dance, melancholy and hedonistic vibes. In it, they learn to live with their ghosts (Help Yourself), revive their first punk loves (Lie!), invite us to let go (Own God) and accept our flaws and quirks (Cry Cry Cry).

Always with a touch of humoyr (Voices in my Head), they excel in the art of making intimate lyrics impactful for everyone. ” For this album, we wanted to move towards music that is more universal, which we can therefore promote abroad. This has been our strategy from the start, to try to get closer to our dream, step by step; guided by a desire to win people over.” 



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