Vancouver’s Out On Screen have launched a new training and mentorship initiative for emerging BIPOC 2SLGBTQIA+ film curators. Led by their new Artistic Director, Charlie Hidalgo, the Programming Disruptor Fellowship will select three emerging film programmers who identify as BIPOC 2SLGBTQIA+, who will have the opportunity to be an integral part of the curation of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2023. Those selected will be compensated with an hourly wage along with other benefits, and will be credited as Festival Programmers. Applications close January 13, 2023.

The Programming Disruptor Fellowship aims to be a catalyst for transformative change. The organizaton believes that by bringing together a diverse pool of programmers from communities who are often marginalized and silenced, they will shepherd new talent into a field that is in critical need of diversification. As a result, festival attendees will see improvement in on screen representation of BIPOC-centered stories, shifting culture to further the dignity, liberty, and justice of equity-seeking communities. 

“Film festival programmers are uniquely positioned to transform worldviews. The choices that curators make define whose voices are heard, whose narratives are seen, and what communities are celebrated. Historically, the pool of film programmers have been predominantly male-dominated, cisgender, straight, white, and middle-class, so stories that don’t feel ‘mainstream’ get pushed to the margins. This Fellowship will empower BIPOC 2SLGBTQIA+ curators to give a platform to the voices that are questioning systems of oppression and reshaping our culture,” states Charlie Hidalgo (he/him), Artistic Director

Spanning five phases, the Programming Disruptor Fellowship combines masterclasses, workshops, and hands-on experience, to train participants throughout the entirety of the programming process, from how to use the lens of inclusion and accountability when evaluating film submissions, to brainstorming event ideas, to the art of copywriting and crafting talking points for post-screening conversations, to delivering a memorable and meaningful experience for both audience members and the attending artists. 

Phase 1: Curatorial Lens & Toolkit  | 2 Weeks | Jan 30 – Feb 10 | 20-hrs/week max
Phase 2: 
Film Evaluation | 11 Weeks | Feb 13 – Apr 28 | 20-hrs/week max
Phase 3: 
Copywriting | 5 Weeks | May 1 – Jun 2 | 8-hrs/week max
Phase 4: 
Community Outreach & Experience | 10 Weeks | Jun 6 – Aug 9 | 8-hrs/week max
Phase 5: 
In-Person Festival | 2 Weeks | Aug 10 – 20 | 24-hrs/week max

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For details about the fellowship, working conditions, and to apply, click here.

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