There’s a queerer, fatter, ‘diasporic-ier’ documentary series about the future of comedy coming our way. Killjoy Comedy will be released on OUTtvGo on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

Killjoy Comedy is a six-part series featuring some of Canada’s most exciting new voices in comedy. Killjoy Comedy puts the microphone in front of our favourite Black, Indigenous, racialized, queer, fat, women, and gender diverse comics – those of us who have historically been the butt of jokes at comedy clubs. Featuring Lil Clitty, Ashlee Ferral, Sasha Mark, Joanne Tsung, Sunee Dhaliwal and Tin Lorica, Killjoy Comedy rewrites the old insult-comedy playbook, and shows off what’s riotous about hilarious.

Produced and directed by Vancouver’s own Shana Myara (director of Well Rounded, which Vogue called “uplifting and inspiring”). Myara credits the late great Candy Palmater (who starred in Well Rounded) as her inspiration for the series.

Candy inspired me to make this show,” says Myara. “Her comedy was hilarious, relatable and also pointedly persuasive. I planned the series around her. We’re at a complex time in the world and that’s reflected in comedy. The six comedians we’re featuring are hilarious, and they choose to create comedy that uplifts and maybe changes the world a bit – for the better.”

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