To commemorate Black History Month, Waveland Canada presents the inaugural Everbloom festival in support of Black Canadians working to create art, music, and culture. The event takes place at the Great Hall in Toronto (1087 Queen Street West) on February 25th 2023, from 3pm to 11pm, with a focus on celebrating Black performing artists from a variety of backgrounds and genres. Guests will also have the opportunity to visit a vendors market featuring artisanal products from Black-owned businesses in the GTA.

“The theme for this year’s event is #BlackInCanada, which we hope will ignite conversations about how Black people contribute to the fabric of our country’s arts & culture.” says chief executive director of Waveland, Del Mahabadi. “It’s also an opportunity for us as Canadians to come together and celebrate our cultural diversity by supporting Black-owned businesses through our vendor market and enjoying performances from drag kings and queens,and musicians from across Canada who are making their voices heard through their work.”

Performer Lineup

Sammy Jackson
Del Hartley
WolF McFarlane
Maurice Moore
Eboni the Queen
Manny Dingo
Quincy Griffith
DJ Shannyn Hill

Full details of the lineup and other information can be found here.


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