The pilot episode of OUTRAVE focuses on Toronto‘s queer community and their contributions to raves and electronic music in the city from the 1980s until today. It premieres on Revry February 5th, 2023. From the origins of house to today’s massive global rave culture, it’s always more than a party as Outrave explores the connections between electronic dance music and the LGBTQ+ community. 

This new electronic music documentary series is hosted by Toronto’s Denise Benson, acclaimed DJ (Cherry Bomb), author (Then and Now:Toronto Nightlife History) and music historian, and directed by award-winning filmmaker Chris Remerowski (Longevity Road Trip, Peter and Jane Know Some of the Same People). 

 “Whether it’s underground rave culture or mainstream electronic festivals, dance music has always been the lifeblood of the queer community, and yet many people aren’t aware of the significant role that queer people played in creating these movements,” says Rodriguez, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Revry, and also co-producer of Outrave. “This is why our network is excited to premiere this eye-opening documentary which exposes how queer people of color were the early architects of what became a mainstream cultural phenomenon.”

“Clubs, social spaces and dancefloors have always been important to queer and trans people. They’re where we can both find and lose ourselves,” said Benson. “They’re where we create and connect with community. They’re portals to possibilities of seeing and being ourselves.”

The first episode focuses on the queer pioneers and contemporary shining stars of Toronto’s vibrant rave scene, and features DJ/producers including Karim Olen Ash, Aeryn Pfaff, James St. Bass, Chiclet, Maren Hancock aka Betti Forde, Jungle Funk Records co-owner and rave legend, Deko-ze; versatile, in-demand globe-trotter Cozmic Cat, and Chippy Nonstop, a performer whose star is rising to dizzying heights as she plays many of the world’s top clubs and stages. 

Revry is anticipating beginning production of new episodes in 2023.  Rodriguez says, “The plan right now is to do six more 30-minute episodes set in cities around North America.  Denise will visit each city and partner up with a local DJ or Producer who will guide her through the past, present, and future of the electronic music scene in those cities, while focusing on the 2SLGBTQ+ community’s connection to those scenes. We tentatively plan to travel to Chicago, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Montreal and Miami. Denise (along with her local contact and other interviewees) will visit venues with historic significance to the queer community and the electronic music scene. These will include the site of The Warehouse in Chicago as well as Paradise Garage and Stonewall in New York, among many others. Potential interviewees include Honey Dijon, Junior Vasquez, Kay Tranada and Blessed Madonna, and many more.

Produced by Sixteen Films Limited, the series will discuss topics like the Black and gay roots of contemporary dance music, and why it’s so important to create unique queer spaces, while also injecting queer vitality into the broader rave culture. more!).

OUTRAVE is available on-demand for free on Revry across all devices and platforms worldwide. 

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