Roise and Frank tells the story of  Róise, who lost her husband Frank two years ago, and is now isolated in grief, and cut off from family and community. She spends days in isolation, barely eating, consoling herself with listening to her dead husband’s voicemail message and re-watching old hurling matches that defined him when he was alive. Róise’s only child, Alan, is the town’s new GP. He is unable or unwilling to help her deal with her never ending grief. He has other things on his mind, a new baby and the nagging feeling that he has chosen the wrong career.

The arrival of a mysterious dog, who seems intent on connecting with Róise, heralds huge change. He leads her to a place which was very special to her and her husband and she starts to wonder, where did this dog come from and what does he want? The dog also loves sport and steaks, has a favourite armchair and an aversion to their neighbour, Donncha, who has his eyes on Róise.

Róise quickly realizes that this dog is her beloved Frank, reincarnated. While her son worries that his mother has lost her mind, the local community seem to embrace the idea of Frank’s return, especially as he coaches a shy local kid to become a star player and ensure success for the school team.

Spurned by Róise and enraged by everyone’s stupid belief in this stupid dog,  Donncha plots his revenge. After being bit, he drugs Frank the Dog and drops him off at the dog pound, presuming that they will put down this “vicious dog”. They do not put him down but they do find him a new home. Róise is happy once more but is there a real future for her with a dog-husband?

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Bryen Dunn is a freelance journalist with a focus on travel, lifestyle, entertainment and hospitality. He has an extensive portfolio of celebrity interviews with musicians, actors and other public personalities. He enjoys discovering delicious eats, tasting spirited treats, and being mesmerized by musical beats.