Stars is the new black and white arthouse dramatic feature film about female homelessness in NYC, with an all-female lead ensemble, including legendary rapper Rah Digga, the one and only Sophia Lamar, and underground starlet Debra Haden.  It’s an original story about a group of homeless women who must learn that a glimmer of hope is worth more than all the money in the world, while they hide from society under the pseudonyms of their pop idols.

Bianca is an undercover police officer hiding in a NYC women’s shelter to help clean up the neighborhood crime and protect women, all while trying to deal with the loss of her family who were recently killed by a drunk driver. The women who share a room with Bianca all have the nicknames of the celebrities they hide from their lives by imitating: Madonna, Oprah, Lauren Hutton, Martha Stewart and Juliette ‘Lucifer’ Lewis. This same group of individuals are plagued by drug addiction, prostitution, gambling, depression, incest, racism, schizophrenia and violent tendencies yet they need each other for survival.

“Stars” also features guest appearances by Jim Sclavunos (of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds), Canadian pop music sensation Spookey Ruben, vocal virtuoso Coby Koehl, local LGBTQ hero Michael Musto, and features an original score from Current 93’s Michael Cashmore.

Roberge describes his movie as “a cross between Rachel Amodeo’s What About Me and Joel Coen’s The Tragedy of Macbeth.” Having once lived as a homeless immigrant in NYC, surviving on wit and Canadian friendly charm, Mars felt the time was right to make this film, when fellow former NYC homeless immigrant, Doron Braunshtein, mailed the script for his new play from Israel to Mars’s home in Los Angeles.

Stars is written and directed by Mars Roberge. and based on the play by eccentric Israeli playwright Doron Braunshtein. Roberge has previously released  “Mister Sister” and “Scumbag” after his debut documentary feature on Sex & the City’s stylist Patricia Field called “The Little House That Could”.

Catch the Canadian premiere at the Revue Cinema in Toronto on Feb 19. Tickets here.

Roberge will be joined by lead support actress Debra Haden following the film for an audience participated Q&A conducted by legendary radio host Dani Elwell (former CFNY’s Alternative Bedtime Hour). Additional cast and crew from the film are also expected.

Ticket includes free admission to the after-party at Frisaca (592 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON M6J 1E3) with djs HannaMARRSBARRS (Catch 22’s DJ Gio), Andre Silva and Die J! Mars as well as a live performance by Skunk in the Roses.

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