This intimate and revealing 6-part docu-series follows LGBTQIA adult content creators who make their income through the internet subscription service OnlyFans. We peek behind the curtain to show the real life triumphs and struggles of our Click Boys as they make a healthy living. Discussing queer and cultural identity, body positivity, the business of sex work and sexual freedom, these boys reveal all – in more ways than one.


This series is composed of short interviews with various guys who are making a living, or trying to make a living, by taking their clothes off online for others to enjoy. It’s a candid look at who these individuals are, and why they chose to follow this journey. First and foremost, it shows each one as a human being, no different than anyone else, except for the fact that they are very sex-positive. Some also dabble in sex work, drag, and other employment opportunities. Some see it as a career, while others see it more as quick cash. There’s no nudity for NSFW content, as it’s done documentary style to give viewers an idea of what it takes to strip and perform in front of a camera. A quick watch for those so inclined.

Available from World of Wonder.


About the Author

Bryen Dunn is a freelance journalist with a focus on travel, lifestyle, entertainment and hospitality. He has an extensive portfolio of celebrity interviews with musicians, actors and other public personalities. He enjoys discovering delicious eats, tasting spirited treats, and being mesmerized by musical beats.