Outplay Films is an independent company based in Paris, France that’s exclusively focused on international sales, co-production and distribution of LGBTQ+ content. Below are three of their most recent releases now available to stream online.

I Love You More

After a year of online pillow-talk, Ben, a shy Kosovar teen, is exhilarated to finally meet his first (but secret) love, Leo. Consumed with passion, Ben carefully weaves the plans and cover-story for his much desired romantic tryst with Leo who is arriving from Germany in just one month. Everything must be perfect. Great news, Ben’s mother surprises him and the family with a life changing opportunity, but he just can’t take it yet. He must meet Leo.

A film by Erblin Nushi – Albanian, with English subtitles

Out of Uganda

Philip, Lynn, Hussein and Shammy, young LGBT Ugandans, are fighting for survival. Staying in their country, where religious oppressions and discriminations prevail, endangers their lives. Then, their latest hope is to leave it all behind and experience a long and painful exile.

A film by Rolando Colla and Josef Burri – French, German with English subtitles

The Sharpness of Scissors

As if filling out the profile for a dating app, the director dissects his story and builds a log of desire. He  converges images of his childhood in a hairdressing salon in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, the codes of cruising in the late 90s, and the daily life of the throuple he was part of for 7 years.

A film by David Marcial Valverdi – Spanish with English subtitles


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