Transcen|Dance Project’s newest creation, A Grimm Night, welcomes audiences who will be masked and set free to roam and experience an evening full of dark glamour throughout The Great Hall in Toronto, in an immersive retelling of two of the Brothers Grimm favourite fairytales. It’s a voyeuristic experience to delight your senses.

Discover the twisted, dark magic of two beloved fairy tales. Witness the mystery, enchantment and tragedy as it unfolds around you, and maybe interacts with you. These characters have so many secrets to share… but who will you trust? Fairies flutter. A woman with one shoe runs past you desperately, her hair tumbling past her shoulders. In the distance, you hear the sound of swords clashing. A whisper…

Each audience member will craft their own journey through our mystical world. This experience is not for the shy, and it’s hoped that the masked attendees will develop the courage and curiosity to investigate, explore, and uncover the fantastical, the shocking and the unexpected.

The audience is at the centre of the story from the moment they arrive, as the story unfolds around you and possibly with you. Each audience member will craft their own journey throughout the evening, each uniquely their own..

A Grimm Night – The Great Hall, 1087 Queen St W, Toronto
April 6 – April 9, 2023

With several different experiences to enjoy – Tickets range from $65 – $150 (plus tax and fees), Doors will open 45 mins before start of show.


VIP tickets include- line bypass, complimentary coat check and a glass of bubbly when you arrive.


The Exclusive experience is an intimate pre-show to A Grimm Night offering individual one-on-ones before the show begins to an intimate group. With Line by-pass and a glass of bubbly when you arrive-We ask you to arrive 30 mins prior to the show to have full exclusive experience.


Enjoy the full show of A Grimm Night followed by a DJ lead dance party post show with the cast until the clock strikes midnight.Arrive early to enjoy the full pre-show experience of A Grimm Night


This is an immersive show and artists may interact or make physical contact with you. Please consider wearing comfortable shoes as the show is not seated and you will be moving through the building. You will receive a masquerade mask when you enter. These keep you anonymous through the performance as well as help distinguish you from the performers.

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