Divina Dalí is an exhibition of two formidable talents coming together to tell the story of humanity. It showcases a transcending experience into Salvador Dalí’s vision of prolific Italian Poet, Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy spilled into over 100 authentic works of art.

Torontonians are welcomed into the rhythm of the famed works by one of the greatest masters of surrealism, where visitors will embark on an artistic and transformative journey. Divina Dalí invites visitors to travel through three imaginary worlds: Hell, Purgatory and Heaven, in an enchanting return to this historical and extraordinary encounter separated by seven centuries, between the literary work of Dante and the talent of Dalí.

Frank Hunter, Dalí’s friend and official archivist, who worked alongside Dalí until his death in 1989, together with La Girafe en feu curated the presentation of 110 original pieces. The exhibit is being held in Brookfield Place, a building designed by Spanish Architect, Santiago Calatrava who appropriately shares a passion for art and ancestry in Spain with none other than Salvador Dalí himself.

Felix Belanger, CEO and Creative Producer with La Girafe en feu, describes the experience as follows, “Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy is a story that for 700 years has marked the history of humanity because it refers to our own humanity. Dante succeeded in using the strong images propagated by the church at that time, namely hell, purgatory and paradise, to make people aware of their own condition of life and to tend towards their ability to act on their destiny and that of their contemporaries. It is at the same time, the beginning of democracy as we know it today.

What the visitor quickly feels when he is immersed in Divina Dalí, thanks to the strength of Dalí’s graphic work and to all the musical and visual support created by the exhibition’s designers, is that he is confronted with himself, with his torments, his choices and his happiness, and without his noticing it, something very positive takes place in him and he comes out of the exhibition in a state of beatitude, of self-confidence. Divina Dalí is an experience that puts one in a good mood and does one good.”

Curator, Raynald Michaud, will share a monumental piece created by Dalí in 1945 that has not yet been exhibited until now; in addition to never-before-seen photographs of Dalí, as shot by his then agent, Robert Descharmes. The exhibit also features a rare work of art from a collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock for the 1945 film, Spellbound.

Several additional unique pieces will be displayed at the Toronto exhibit, including works inspired by Dalí created by resident contemporary Canadian artists – Peter Triantos and Lisabel.

Divina Dali – Brookfield Place, 181 Bay St, Toronto – Until June 30, 2023

Tickets to the exhibition are available for purchase presently on the Divina Dali website.


  • Regular rate: $33.50 + taxes and service charges
  • Students: $25 + taxes and service charges
  • Child rate (6 to 12 years old): $19 + taxes and service charges
  • Free for children under the age of 5
  • Group of 8+: 15% off

The exhibit is expected to run through to June 30, 2023. 




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