The Water of Life grew from a love of scotch and wanting to learn more about the craft. While researching, a story was uncovered that went beyond what was initially thought. Rebels and alchemists went against all odds to revive a static industry. Human stories about the world of spirits are told, craftspeople used techniques that harken back to the Bronze Age, and the very advent of distillation. Viewers will take in stories of those who have dedicated their lives to mastering a craft proudly and exclusively from the isle of Islay.

From independent bottlers to the dozens of new distilleries popping up across Scotland today, you’re brought from the ancient floor maltings of Bowmore Distillery to the birth of single malt whisky.  Filmed over two years in six countries and three continents, the film is a love letter to the Blood of Scotland, its craftspeople, and the country itself. The film focuses on the craftsman, chemists, and renegades at the heart of the whisky revolution. Jim McEwan and Mark Reynier share their passion for risk-taking and wild experimentation stories that are paired with tastings throughout the feature documentary. 

The film has tour extensively offering viewers an Immersive Tasting Experience, with the film being paired with whiskey throughout the feature. It’s a great sensory experience with a pop-up shop, tastings, and Q&A. One was held in Toronto earlier this year at the Paradise Theatre, presented in partnership with Bruichladdich DistilleryThe film was followed by a Q&A with Water of Life Director/Producer Greg Swartz, as well as Bruichladdich Global Brand Ambassador Frazer Matthews.

“One of the challenges of making movies about food or drink is that you can’t taste the item being featured, but these events found a way around that. We are literally pairing the movie with drams. I personally cannot wait to share more of these experiences with Canadians. Everyday it’s a new audience and new whisky fans. And that’s half of what whisky is all about if you ask me,”  explains Greg Swartz, Director.

The film takes guests on a journey of early visionaries whose combination of talent, hard work, grit, chemistry, and a touch of magic paved the way for the next generation of innovators. With immersive tastings, views, sounds, and stories, patrons will feel as though they are in Scotland, enjoying these spirits in person.



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