Toronto’s Witch Prophet have released a new album Gateway Experience, pulling us deep into her mind by questioning the connections with our brains, music, dreams, seizures, god and otherworldly abilities, The first single is the alternative RnB/hip hop track Energy Vampire, featuring Toronto based rapper DillanPonders, a deeply layered song about nightmares, beings that roam those realms, and their ability to affect waking life.

Produced by her business partner and wife SUN SUN, the tune is accompanied with stunning visuals directed by FROCASSO (Polaris Music Prize “DNA Activation Short Film”) and creative direction by Witch Prophet.

Speaking on the track Witch Prophet says, “The song is based on and named after the beings in my nightmares. I started logging my dreams and noticed anytime I would have a nightmare with these “Energy Vampires” the next morning I would suffer from a seizure. I wrote this song as a way to feel some sort of control over my life and my health.”

I’m a major fan of DillanPonders and asked him to be on the track. After explaining the song to him in an email, he hit me back super fast with his verse. Total shock, disbelief and overwhelming thankfulness at how well he tapped into what I was feeling!”

The order of the songs and track names on Gateway Experience are based on Witch Prophet’s symptoms with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. The title of the album is an ode to the released CIA report where they studied the use of sound tapes to manipulate brainwaves with a goal of creating altered states. Examples include out of body experiences, remote viewing, psychic abilities, the ability to heal ones body and so much more.

As a neurodivergent artist who struggles with focal seizures (Déjà vu, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, memory loss etc) I feel like; sharing my experiences through my music is one of my paths to healing. Gateway Experience is an album focused on the connection with the human brain, seizures, god and otherworldly abilities,” explains Witch Prophet

Gateway Experience is out on May 3rd via Heart Lake Records. Album Pre-save exclusively on Bandcamp is available now.


Gateway Experience Track Listing:


Dreaming ft. Zaki Ibrahim

Bird’s Eye View (O.B.E)



I’m Scared

Memory ft. Begonia

Energy Vampire ft. DillanPonders


Save Me

God Universe Magic (G.U.M) ft. SATE

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